Will My Metal Roof Rust Over Time?

Corrosion Resistance - Rusted Red Barn Roof

Today, most metal roofing products are made from alloyed steel with an applied corrosion resistant coating. The two most common corrosion resistance coatings are zinc, commonly referred to as Galvanized; and a zinc-aluminum alloy, commonly referred to as Galvalume. Zinc coated Galvanized roofing is typically reserved for lower cost agricultural applications. However, to conserve on costs and make pricing more attractive, some suppliers will offer G60 or G90 Galvanized metal roofing as a premium choice for residential roofing.

To be sure you get the best corrosion resistance protection, and thus a longer lasting roof, always ask for a metal roof treated with either AZ50 or AZ55 Galvalume corrosion resistant coating. By purchasing a metal roof from Echols Metal with a corrosion resistant treatment of either AZ50 or AZ55 Galvalume, you are ensuring that you are making an investment that will protect your home or business from the elements for decades.

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Corrosion Resistance

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